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Taliban Threats In Line With Kremlin Top Official's Statement



The terror group threatened the United States with attacks if it relocates its posts in the region.

The Taliban on Wednesday warned the departing U.S. military against setting up bases in the region, and Pakistan vowed no American bases will be allowed on its territory.

Last month, Kremlin's Secretary of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, stated that the US bases in the region are not acceptable for Russia. Russia has its military base in Tajikistan and is eyeing up the expansion of its presence in Central Asia.

Pakistan also said drone strikes from Pakistani territory were also a non-starter.

The statements come amid speculation the United States, as it withdraws the last of its 2,500-3,500 soldiers from Afghanistan, will want a nearby locale from which to launch strikes against militant targets.

The warning also comes during stepped-up efforts to jump-start stalled peace talks between the government and the Taliban, possibly in Turkey.

Both Pakistan and the Middle Eastern State of Qatar have been pressing the Taliban to attend talks in Turkey. U.N.-sponsored talks were to have been held last month in Turkey but the Taliban refused to take part.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday told Pakistan’s Senate the country would not allow American bases on its territory.

Forget the past, but I want to tell the Pakistanis that no U.S. base will be allowed by Prime Minister Imran Khan so long he is in power, he said.

The foreign policy specialists commented that Pakistan has built strong link with Communist China that plays important part in the decision making.

In March, Beijing firms connected the 1,100 MW K-2 Hualong One reactor to the national grid. It is a pressurized water reactor HPR-1000 technology in nuclear plan in Karachi.


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