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The Guardian Reporter, Journalism Professor Admits He Supported Terrorism


In 1982 IRA terrorist killed 22 people and wounded 50 during the military parade in London. (AFP)


A British journalist revealed that he wrote secretly at the terrorists' newspaper and believed that the deaths of thousands of people were "justified."


A British journalist who reported for The Guardian, The Sun and other publications admitted that he supported the views of the Irish terrorist group IRA. The Moscow supported-terrorists have staged attacks for decades, demanding the independence of Northern Ireland. Mr. Roy Greenslade revealed that he worked secretly at the IRA-sponsored newspaper and was conviced that the deaths of thousands of people were "justified."

He said did not speak about his views, so that he would not be fired from newspapers condemning the terrorist attacks, because he did not want to leave journalism. Plus, he had to pay the mortgage.

British Prime Minister and his colleagues, condemned Mr. Greenslade statements who called him a "scum" and a "hypocrite."

What is shocking that the terror supporter concealed himself as Professor of Journalist at the City University in London educating a new generation of reporters.

From 1968 to 2002 IRA terrorists killed 3542 including 1840 civilians.

Soviets supported IRA terrorists

The relations of IRA with the Soviet Union are well-documented.

The Soviet Union’s intelligence service, the KGB, supplied arms to the Official IRA beginning in 1972.

Former KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin and Christopher Andrew, who chairs the history department at Cambridge University revealed the details of the operation, codenamed SPLASH, are contained in "The Sword And The Shield, The Mitrokhin Archive And The Secret History Of The KGB."

Upon approval of then KGB head Yuri Adropov, so-called KGB "technical specialists" assembled a shipment consisting of two machine guns, 70 automatic rifles, 10 Walther pistols, 41,600 cartridges, all of non-Soviet manufacture. In addition, according to the KGB documents, the Walther pistols were lubricated with West German oil while packaging was gathered from several points around the world by KGB agents. Moscow did not want the weapons to be traced.

Several further Soviet arms shipments to the Official IRA were delivered by similar methods.

London University left an option for "Professor" to leave or to continue teaching

Mr. Roy Greenslade who worked for The Guardian admitted that he had supported the IRA for 50 years.

Financial Times editor Mr. Sebastian Payne said: As a former student of Greenslade, I feel very bad.

I always knew Greenslade was a bastard, but I didn’t know he was a supporter of IRA violence,” said former Sun editor Mr. Calvin Mackenzie.

Mr. Alan Skene, professor of international history at the London School of Economics, called Greensdade a "despicable hypocrite."

At City University in London, where Mr. Greenslade taught journalism, allowed him to choose whether to stay or quit. Some university staff advocated the dismissal of the former journalist, as they were “very upset” by what had happened and feared for the institution's reputation.

On March 1, 74-year-old Mr. Greenslade resigned of his own free will.


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