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Venezuela Interim-President Guaido Calls Election A Fraud



With the 31 percent turnout, which represents a little more than 5.2 million voters out of nearly 21 million nations, the dictator Nicolás Maduro described the election day as "a great victory."

The Maduro dictatorship claims it regained control of the Venezuelan Parliament on Sunday by winning legislative elections questioned by the international community, with little opposition participation and in a day that was characterized by high abstention.

The fraud has been staggering, and the majority rejection of the people of Venezuela has been evident. Despite censorship and media hegemony, the truth cannot be hidden, stated the Interim President, recognised by the Western countries, Mr Juan Guaidó in his message to the Nation after the closing of the legislative elections called by Chavismo.

So far, 5,264,104 votes have been counted, of which 3,558,320 were for the GPP, while an alliance led by the traditional parties Democratic Action (AD) and the Independent Political Electoral Organization Committee remained in second place with 944,665 votes, which represents 17.95%, explained the president of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo.

Alfonso explained that the turnout was 31 percent, representing just over 5.2 million voters, of the more than 20.7 million who were authorized to vote.

The dictator Nicolás Maduro described the election day as "a great victory." We have a new National Assembly, he added.



According to the deputy for the National Assembly, Freddy Guevara, Mr. Maduro who was at first scheduled to vote in the city has changed the decision in the last moment driving instead to the military barracks.

Notice how symbolic is this situation. The supposed worker-president ended up voting in the locked up military barracks because he fears the people, Mr. Guevara stated.

Mr. Guevara also informed that 80 per cent boycotted Sunday elections.

"The results were prepared days in advance", stated
Venezuela Interim President Juan Guaidó

Independent journalists were able to verify, both in Caracas and in Maracaibo, the second city in the country, several voting centers had little attendance.

Mr. Guaidó lashed out the regime stressing that that "the results were prepared", days in advance.

False National Electoral Council. False candidates. False opponents. Sung results. We know that in Maduro's Venezuela, fraud is also not new. We saw it in 2017 with the false Constituent Assembly, with the theft of regional elections, and in 2018 with presidential fraud. Neither served him. Neither served Venezuela. Conversely. They only brought more crisis and suffering for our people, Mr. Guaidó stated.

The Venezuela Interim President informed that the opposition will held the political consultation between December 8 and 12. The opposition plan includes a vote of current Parliament to support three solutions: rejection of fraudulent vote, call for free presidential and parliamentary elections and request for international help in fight for democracy.

Mr. Guaidó stated that the leaders opposition were not going to stop, and they would remain firm, and in office to fulfill their constitutional mandate.


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