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The US Imposes Sanctions on Russia as Part of State of Emergency



American financial institutions will be banned from buying new Russian government debt placed after June 14 on the primary market.

US President Joe Biden signed a decree imposing new sanctions against Russia. They relate to new issues of Russian government debt, Russian officials, and companies. The reason is the "malicious external activity" of Moscow.

The sanctions were imposed as part of the state of emergency, which the president announced in connection with, as the document says, the unusual and extraordinary threats posed by Russia's activities.

American financial institutions will be prohibited from buying new issues of Russian government debt placed after June 14 on the primary market. The restriction applies only to direct purchases from the Central Bank, the National Wealth Fund, or the Ministry of Finance. "This directive will give the US government the right to expand sanctions on Russia's debt if necessary," the White House said.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service named as responsible for the largest cyberattack

For the first time, the Biden administration officially named the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service responsible for the largest cyberattack in history. It provides for the expulsion from the United States of ten Russian intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover. The list of restrictions includes six Russian technology companies accused of helping the Russian special services.

Among them is the ERA military technopolis in the Krasnodar Territory, where private and state-owned companies, attracted by the Ministry of Defense, operate. The rest of the companies specialize in information protection, audit of IT infrastructure, and countering cyber threats. Among them are the state scientific research institute "Spetsvuzavtomatika" and the company Positive Technologies, which was planning to place it on the Moscow stock exchange this year with an estimate of $ 4 billion.

Kremlin high official responsible for the propaganda media sanctioned

Among the individuals on the extended sanctions list is the former press secretary of Vladimir Putin, Mr. Alexei Gromov. Now he holds the post of First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, the media have repeatedly written that in the Kremlin, an official is responsible, among other things, for the work of television, including financing state channels.

For possible interference, the list also includes four low-traffic information portals and several companies and individuals who in the United States consider being connected with the entrepreneur Mr. Yevgeny Prigozhin, including with his attempts to get away from the already imposed sanctions.

Besides, new restrictions were introduced for participation in the annexation of Crimea by Russia. The list includes the Minister of Property of Crimea, appointed by the Russian authorities, and the heads of regional power departments. The Crimean SIZO-1 fell under the restrictions, in which people who are later recognized as political prisoners regularly find themselves.

In total, the list includes 16 individuals and 17 companies.

US wants predictable relations with Russia

According to a decree signed by Mr. Biden, the sanctions can be extended if the US administration deems it necessary. At the same time, it says that the United States is interested in predictable relations with Russia, and the purpose of the sanctions is not to escalate tensions in these relations. American officials said the same on Thursday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia will respond to the new US sanctions. US Ambassador John Sullivan was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

After the announcement of sanctions on Thursday at the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the Russian currency, the ruble fell sharply. By three o'clock in the afternoon Moscow time, the dollar has risen in price by more than one ruble, the euro - by almost one and a half, to 77.08 and 92.26 rubles, respectively.

On the eve of the aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Yuri Ushakov, during a meeting in Moscow with US Ambassador Mr. John Sullivan, said that Washington should refrain from imposing new sanctions against Russia during preparations for a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. Mr. Biden suggested that the two presidents meet earlier this week in a telephone conversation with Putin. The place of the possible meeting and its topic is still unknown.


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