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Thousand Days of China's Arrogant Silence



For nearly three years heroic Human Rights Defender Kr Gao Zhisheng has been illegally arrested by Chinese Communist Party. On the thousandth day of his kidnapping family and friends demanded information from China about unjustly persecuted lawyer.


Family and friends of Mr Gao Zhisheng called on Sunday upon Chinese regime for an immediate release of persecuted Chinese lawyer human rights defender on the thousand days from his last illegal arrest, euphemistically called “disappearance”.

The vigil celebrating Mr Gao's life took place in the evening in Los Angeles. With a laser projector, Chinese dissidents displayed on the facade of the Communist China consulate, a holographic portrait of the heroic lawyer and with an inscription “Free Gao Zhisheng missing 1000 days”.

The members of the Chinese Christian Fellowship, which Ms Gao's wife attends, urged the United States Congres to exert a pressure on Chinese regime that it would release information about Mr Gao's place of illegal imprisonment. On the video, three males in masks together with Ms Geng He, Gao's wife, and Pastor Jonathan Liu are appealing to the Members of Congress.

Ms Geng also called the audience not to lose faith: “No matter how it is difficult now, let us always have hope." “The winter will end, and the spring will come”, she concluded.

The evening event preceded a campaign on Twitter for the remembrance of the human rights lawyer launched by the Chinese dissidents in the United States.

“Let us go all out to make a cry: CCP must explain where is Gao Zhisheng!”, the author of the ChinaAid's tweet wrote. The American Christian organisation which monitors human rights violations by the Chinese regime and helps dissidents ChinaAid called for unified action.

US Congress expert: "Chinese regime needs to report to Gao Family"

Mr Gao's friends posted questions about his whereabouts. “Where is Gao Zhisheng? Is he still alive? Is the end to the torture of this human rights lawyer?”, asked one user. He also posted the rhetorical question: “Is China a state or prison?” “Looking for Gao Zhisheng! 1000th enforced disappearance. Chinese Regime & Emperor Xi Jinping need to report to Gao Family & world!”, tweeted Pastor Bob Fu, who is an expert on human rights at the Joint US-China Commission at the US Congress.

In a newly revealed letter to UN Human Rights Council, the UN human right experts stated that Mr Gao has been missing since September 12, 2017. They confirmed that his fate is “currently unknown.” Chinese Communist Party never informed about his arrest, or imprisonment ignoring appeals of the foreign human rights organisations and diplomats.

“This is an expression of our sorrow for China under the Chinese Communist Party. The lawyer has been missing for almost three years. But he will not disappear from our hearts”, concluded Mr Theresa Chu, Mr Gao's supporter, in the tweet.



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