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Thousands in France Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination


More than one hundred thousand people are demonstrating across France against stricter government measures.  The country registers as many new infections with Wuhan Delta virus as it did in last May.

More than a hundred thousand French demonstrated against the tightening of the virus rules announced by President Emmanuel Macron. According to the Interior Ministry, around 114,000 people took to the streets in more than 130 protests across the country. In the capital Paris, there were about 18,000 protesters.

At the beginning of the week, Macron announced stricter hygiene measures to stop the Wuhan virus numbers from rising. In the future, a test, vaccination, or recovery certificate will have to be presented much more frequently. Unvaccinated people should only be allowed to attend certain public events such as concerts with more than 50 participants with a negative PCR test. You have to pay for these more detailed tests yourself.

France is currently fighting a fourth pandemic wave. The delta variant now accounts for almost all cases. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week was recently around 60, doubling within a few weeks. Most recently, 10,000 new infections per day were registered for the first time, the last time it was in May.


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