Tokyo Premature Opening



FACT: Tokyo reported an additional 166 coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the total in the city to 2,068.

Eighty-seven inpatients, doctors, nurses and other staff at a hospital in the capital’s Nakano Ward tested positive for the new coronavirus on April 12, according to the Tokyo metropolitan government.

The growing case numbers at Nakano Egota Hospital adds to similar confirmed cases reported at other medical facilities. On April 4, Eiju General Hospital in Taito Ward, reported first positive cases. According to the local press more than 160 patients, doctors and other personnel tested positive and 20 inpatients died from the virus in the hospital.

Health care professionals have been confirmed to be infected with the virus at top-tier Tokyo medical institutions including Keio University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward, the National Cancer Center Hospital in Chuo Ward and Jikei University Hospital in Minato Ward.

COMMENTARY: Japan's example shows how dangerous is even a gradual weakening of shutdown when the epidemic has not subsided in the country.


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