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Trump Party May Break Up Republicans and Democrats


A new survey suggested that former President is galvanising sufficient support to challenge traditional Republican party.

As Mr. Biden is still trying to convince American voters that he lawfully won election, a support for former President Donald Trump is growing and changing traditional political scene in the United States.

Nearly two-thirds of Republican voters — 64 per cent — say they would join a new political party led by Mr. Donald Trump, this is according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

It also revealed that 37 per cent of U.S. voters overall plus 28 per cent of independents and even 15 per cent of Democrats, responded that they would follow Mr. Trump into the third party realm. This political realm includes the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Party of Socialism and Liberation and the Constitution Party, just to name a few.

If former President Trump decides to split from the GOP and creates his own political party. Polling suggests he might well create the second largest political party in the country, knocking the GOP down to third place, Mr. Dritan Nesho, CEO and chief pollster at HarrisX estimated.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, came out of an after-acquittal phone call with Mr. Trump convinced that the former president would lead the party to retake the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump has raised the highest popular support since Ronald Reagan. (Archives)

He is ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party and is excited about 2022, Mr. Graham said on “Fox News Sunday,” dubbing the Republican comeback strategy "Trump plus.”

Trump plus model for Republican Party

We need to unite the party. ‘Trump plus’ is the way back in 2022, he said. We can’t do that without Donald Trump.

Some took the same view of the 2024 presidential election.

Turn on the escalator! former Trump official Richard Grenell tweeted after the verdict. It was a reference to Mr. Trump’s iconic campaign debut in 2015 when he and his wife, Melania, descended a gold escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his candidacy.

Newly elected House members have declared that their allegiance is to Mr. Trump, not the Republican Party.

The party is his. It doesn’t belong to everybody else, said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a fierce Trump loyalist.

Democrats stripped Ms. Greene of committee assignments because of her past support of right-wing conspiracy theories.

Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, said Mr. Trump “remains the most popular Republican in the country.”

Mr. Trump ultimately will have to answer the question of what happens next for the Republican Party.


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