United Uyghur, Tibetan, Chinese and Vietnamese Immigrants Protest in Sydney Against The Biggest Human Rights Violator


About 300 Uyghurs, Tibetans, Taiwanese, Hong-Kongers, Mainland Chinese, and Vietnamese from at least ten different human rights and pro-democracy groups in Australia as one voice warned during the rally against the threat of the Chinese Communist Party to Australia and the West.

China became an influential Committee at the United Nations Human Rights Council, and Article 1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, speaks a middle-aged man. Behind him, two young women wearing masks, sunglasses, head-covers, and long-sleeved shirts are holding blue flags with a half-moon with a white star.  Article 5 of the Declaration states that no one can be subjected to torture. Anyone here can testify that the Chinese people were deprived of human rights, the man says.

Hold the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] responsible for the crimes, Evil CCP, the enemy of humanity and civilisation, 107 self-immolations in Tibet, anyone is watching? - several posters in front of a speaking man and on his background are reminding of the purpose of this unusual rally.

Man's name is Mr. Mehmet Obul, the president of the Uyghur community, the most persecuted people by Communist China.

The persecutor can harm them even in Sydney, the capital of Australia, the free and democratic country. The women are wrapped in fear of being identified by the Chinese officials. The secret police agents at the city's Consulate will analyse photos, footage, and recordings from the rally to target the protesters' innocent families in China with intimidation.

"We were denouncing the major human rights violator,
which is Communist Beijing"


On Thursday morning, at their rally at Martin Place, the heart of Sydney, Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants emphasised the truth about the cruelest and inhumane regime of the twenty-first century, the Communist Beijing, that now became also a threat to Australia and the West.

Wrapped in Tibetan, Uyghur, and Australian flags, demonstrators were emphasising their unity in a protest. It was also their plea to Australians for moral support for their struggle that requires courage and sacrificial attitude to testify about the violations they and their families, friends, and compatriots have been suffering.

We are denouncing the major human rights violator, which is Communist Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party, told in an interview with The Owner, one of the organisers of the event Dr. Chin Jin, president of the Federation for a Democratic China. Uyghurs, Vietnamese, Chinese all made their cry with that claim that the Chinese Communist regime is committing such horrendous and barbaric crimes for the past seventy-one years since the establishment of the People's Republic of China, he stressed.


Among the speakers were chair-people and presidents of the Chinese ex-citizens rights organisations, including, Federation for A Democratic China, the Australian Values Alliance, and, Falun Dafa which consists of the religious group targeted with organ harvesting, and the Vietnamese Community in Australia.

At least one University professor, who took part in the demonstration, as The Owner has learned, had to clandestinely leave his school in fear that he might suffer consequences if the authorities learn that he participated in the protest against the Chinese Communist Party.

The participants of the four-and-half hours' rally marched with Uygur and Tibetan flags to the Chinese Consulate where at the high, barbed-wire wall with dozens of CCTV cameras, they shouted "stop torturing!", "stop killing!" standing on the opposite side of the street.


The average citizen of the Western democratic country cannot even imagine the kind of crimes which Chinese Communists are committing now as we speak, said Dr. Fritz Gothmayer, who was an advisor to the German government on China in the early 1990s.

Dr. Gothmayer explained that arbitrary imprisonment, its illegal form that is co-called disappearance, and the cruelest torture is Beijing's policy that deals with the political enemy.


The average Westerner can not even imagine
the kind of crimes which Chinese Communists
are committing against its own people.


One cannot forget targeting populations with Nazi-like propaganda brainwashing programs, and human organs harvesting from living innocent people, the former advisor stated.

It is the latest moment the West can isolate and weaken Communist China, but it will have to pay the price like Australia for its courage, Dr. Gothmayer. There is an increasing conviction among the Western leaders that if we fail to deal with this threat now, we may be facing another world war, he added.


As many as 1.8 million Uyghurs, and other Muslim minorities are,or have been, arbitrarily detained in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, stated the authors of ""Global Supply Chains, Forced Labor, and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region", report published in March by the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

The unity of immigrants who are protesting against the Chinese Communist Party
is the latest sign of the strength of democratic Australia

The report informed that those who are not unjustly imprisoned in camps are neither free. "Outside the camps, the Chinese government and Party have created a pervasive and high-tech surveillance system in the XUAR that some observers have called an ‘‘open-air prison.’’

The unity of immigrants who are protesting against the Chinese Communist Party is the latest sign of the strength of democratic Australia in its effort to cut Beijing's influence in the country and decouple its economy from Communist China that unjustly attacked it with tariffs and vicious cancellation of imports.


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