US Plans More Sanctions Against Iran To Stop Uranium Enrichment

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency Iran stocks of enriched uranium exceeded the limit by twelve times.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iranian stocks of enriched uranium are many times higher than permitted. Since the US withdrew from the international nuclear agreement with Tehran, Iran had the Uranium enrichment continues, the IAEA analysts said in a report.The amount of the enriched uranium has exceeded the permitted limit by more than twelve times.

Iran has not yet given the IAEA a sufficient explanation for the discovery of uranium particles in a facility that has not been declared a nuclear site. In addition, the country continues to enrich uranium. The authors of the quarterly report of the IAEA warned.

The chemical signature of the atomic traces discovered at the site last year corresponds to that of traces on centrifuges that Iran imported from its neighboring state Pakistan, the report said. The agency emphasized this as an unresolved issue after Iran recently granted IAEA inspectors access to two additional locations after a long dispute.

IAEA calls for a statement from Iran

According to the report, Iran now has more than 2,400 kilograms of enriched uranium. In the agreement, Tehran agreed to comply with an upper limit of around 200 kilograms of pure uranium.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected in Israel on Wednesday (Nov. 18) as Jerusalem and Washington plan a last-minute spate of sanctions on Iran in a bid to stymie efforts by the incoming Biden administration to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

According to the reports, President Trump administration — in coordination with Israel and Arab states in the Persian Gulf — has been planning a bevy of wide-ranging sanctions on Iran to make it more difficult for the incoming administration to reenter the nuclear deal, which was negotiated when Biden served as vice president under Obama.

New Iran sanctions will target Iran’s missile program and its support for terrorist groups,
as well as focus on its human rights violations.

The goal is as many sanctions as possible by January 20, an unnamed Israeli official was quoted as saying.

These sanctions will reportedly target Iran’s missile program and its support for terrorist groups, as well as focus on its human rights violations, making it harder, if impossible, for Biden to roll back such punishments.

An Arab official involved in the negotiations told the Israeli news site that the goal of the Trump administration is to impose sanctions that Biden cannot lift.

US Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela Elliot Abrams is planning to announce a raft of fresh sanctions on Iran every week from now until January 20.

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