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Vietnam Democratic Opposition Protest Against Communist Police Murder




The prominent leaders of the democratic opposition demanded a transparent investigation.


Thirty leading democratic opposition figures protested against the political murder and demanded from the regime authorities a transparent investigation. Former businessman and founder of Civil Society Forum Mr Nguyen Quang A and a former journalist at Voice of Hanoi Mr Le Phu Khai led the group.

Vietnamese opposition intellectuals condemned publicly murder of an elderly community leader Mr Le Dinh Kinh by the secret police and the army. And they handed their protest at the Procuracy of Vietnam.

Mr Nguyen emphasised the need for Vietnamese people to organise the protests against the regime. People must voice their concern about the killing and demand truth from government, he stated. It must cooperate with an independent investigation under the surveillance of the press, social organisations, and Vietnamese citizens, Mr Nguyen stressed.

Mr Kinh protested against the confiscation of the land by the regime for the benefit of Communist families of Vietnam's nomenklatura, and he was shot dead at his home in Hanoi in Northern Vietnam on January 9, 2020.

The Communist Vietnam's regime employed every effort to hide the truth and protect murderers. But the independent report based on the eye-witness account described the political murder and contradicted the Communist Party's claims.

We know that the fight for justice for Dong Tam will be long and tiring, but we are determined to see it through to the end, he Mr Nguyen concluded.



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