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WHO: Coronavirus Outbreak May Accelerate



Virologists warned that the coronavirus can be now transmitted airborne. This fact prompted the WHO to urge the world governments to take it more seriously.



World Health Organisation's director urged the governments to use the time effectively and prepare for an increased transmission of the coronavirus outside of China.

“It’s slow now, but it may accelerate,” Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference in Geneva on Saturday. “So while it’s still slow there is a window of opportunity that we should use to the maximum in order to have a better outcome, and further decrease the progress and stop it.”

Mr Tedros's warning came after Shanghai authorities informed that the researches found out the cases of the aerosol transmission, in addition to the direct transmission.

“Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which causes infection after inhalation, according to medical experts,” said Zeng Qun, deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

Experts explained that direct transmission refers to infection caused by inhalation of air close to a patient who sneezes and coughs, while contact transmission occurs when a person touches an object tainted with droplets containing the virus before infecting himself through subsequent contact with the membranes of his mouth, nose and eyes.

Communist China banned family gathering and all of public venues were cancelled in all of provinces. Many companies in Shanghai requested workers to stay home until, at least, March.

Some Asian countries implemented extra-measures to protect their citizens. On Friday Singapore raised its alert level, that prompted residents to clear out supermarket shelves of rice, noodles and toilet paper.

Singapore raised its response to “orange” - the same as during the 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak and the 2009 H1N1 influenza, which indicates the virus is severe and passes easily between persons.

The day earlier the doctors found the coronavirus in a man who never travelled to China, but only met with a person who visited that country two weeks earlier.

France’s health minister said five British nationals had been diagnosed with the coronavirus in a ski resort after coming into contact with someone who had recently been in Singapore. A British man only stayed at the Singapore airport for few hours, it was reported.  

Some virologists cautioned against the purchase of any products, especially food, from China and other countries in Asia like Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore. The coronavirus can survive without a host in the room temperature on surfaces for few days.

US treats the coronavirus as the biowarfare attack

The seriousness of the threat illustrates the approach of the United States to the evacuation of the American of Chinese-origins from China. The interiors had installed the equipment for the fight against the unknown biological threats and the cabin crew wore the biowarfare gear. All of the passengers were taken in hermetically closed vehicles to the military base with the know-how how to deal with the unknown biological threats. The Owner has learned that, at least, four military microbiologists, from the Defence Intelligence Agency, have been present during the quarantine process.

The US planes for the evacuation from China were equipped for
the bioweapon attack (Photo: 0).

Some virologists cautioned against the purchase of any products, especially food, from China and other countries in Asia like Vietnam, Thailand or Singapore. The coronavirus can survive without a host in the room temperature on surfaces for a few days.

Other virologists challenged that view arguing that until now the cases of transmission through the direct have been known. "It is not airborne transmission", stated Australian virologist, Dr Ian Mackay. "Probably one of those local versus central government bureaucratic disagreements", concluded epidemiologist from Harvard, Dr Eric Feingl-Ding.

The death toll outside Wuhan underestimated

The epidemiologists and statisticians stated, in Swiss Medical Weekly, the professional medical journal in Switzerland, that the death toll in the Wuhan city may be overestimated since the recent data, the official one, indicate slowing spread in the city. But the lower case fatality rates outside of Wuhan may be underestimated since "the days and weeks can pass until death occurs". Six world specialists explained, in " 2019-Novel Coronavirus: estimating the death fatality rate - a world caution", that the epidemic arrived later to the other regions in China, and there may be a delay of fatal cases arising and their reporting. "Testing patients with severe respiratory diseases in and outside of China might have been delayed so that unclear deaths are not yet being attributed to the coronavirus", the authors stated.   

On Sunday morning the death toll of coronavirus surpassed SARS. According to the official numbers, the coronavirus killed over 800 patients in 6 weeks compared to the SARS epidemic when the death toll reached this level in 38 weeks.




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