Witness: A Liberal Politician Allegedly Involved in Visa Scheme For Beijing Operatives


A witness revealed that the politician under the investigation was allegedly involved in falsification of visa documents for Chinese nationals.

An immigration scheme to falsify the employment of Chinese nationals seeking visas, a veteran Communist Chinese “diplomat” and high-level government  contacts, inaccessible for Beijing, are elements of the business activity of the Liberal Party politician who will testify today before the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry. According to the witness, Mr. Daryl Maguire has been in close contact with Chinese “diplomat”.

Three former Western intelligence experts from the Chinese divisions of their services, whom The Owner interviewed, independently, stated that the Communist regimes use the title of the diplomat as a cover for foreign intelligence officers. And in the case of such a relationship, it would be "nearly a certainty".

Mr. Du Wei had worked at the Chinese embassy in Washington in 1994, "lobbying the US Congress for China's Most Favoured Nation" trade status before he was used as “consul” in Sydney. After return to Beijing, he was still involved in the operations against the United States "overlooking US congressional affairs” in the Foreign Ministry. Some documents that journalists saw indicated a consultancy business in which Mr. Maguire was a silent director listed Mr. Du as its representative in Beijing.

It was Mr. Du's initiative, not Mr. Maguire, that a Chinese woman, an Australian citizen, had joined him. According to her statement before the inquiry, she had been a family friend of Mr. Du for 30 years.



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During the hearing before the inquiry, she did not express any negative opinion about Mr. Du, according to the reports. But she became “honest” confessing, even, that she lied once to the inquiry about the cash payments involved in the visa scheme. She also told, at the hearing, that Mr. Du called her requesting to delete phone messages and emails from Mr. Maguire. The phone-call took place when news of Mr. Maguire's involvement in the 2018 corruption inquiry became public.

Such a phone-call will prompt the Australian counter-intelligence investigators to reason, the former intelligence experts told in an interview with The Owner, that most likely it was not a typical business relationship but a clandestine operation for Beijing that Mr. Du wanted to cover.

The liberal politician was a boyfriend in a clandestine relationship with New South Wales’ Premier for five years.

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