World Democracies Condemn Aung San Suu Kyi's Arrest

A Myanmar military armoured vehicle on the street of the capital on Jan 2, 2021. (AFP)

The reactions of the democratic countries to the coup in Myanmar are clear. The EU demands the "immediate restoration of the legitimate civil government". In contrast, Communist China did not criticise the attack on the democracy.

The military coup in Myanmar is widely criticized almost everywhere internationally.

Canberra was "deeply concerned about reports" and called for the unlawfully detained elected officials to be released immediately.

Australia is a long-standing supporter of Myanmar and its democratic transition. We call on the military to respect the rule of law, to resolve disputes through lawful mechanisms and to release immediately all civilian leaders and others who have been detained unlawfully, the author of the Foreign Ministry stated.

Ms. Minister Payne stated that she discussed the Myanmar situation with the US National Security Mr. Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The EU Representation condemned the army's actions.

The EU foreign affairs representative Mr. Josep Borrell also demanded the "immediate reinstatement of the legitimate civilian government" and a "swift" opening of parliament. Mr. Borell stressed in a statement that the coup was a clear violation of the country's constitution and an attempt by the military to express the will of the Myanmar people and their strong commitment to democracy, which they expressed in the November 2020 general election skip. Those arrested should be released immediately and unconditionally.

Germany's Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on the military to immediately release the arrested members of government and parliament, including President Mr. Win Myint and State Councilor Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, to lift the state of emergency and to allow the democratically legitimized institutions to work. He expects the military leadership to respect the democratic will of their people and to recognize the result of the elections on November 8, 2020.

France stated it supports democracy and freedom in Myanmar. France calls for the results of the November 8 elections to be strictly respected and stands resolutely at the side of the Myanmar people in their desire for democracy and freedom, which was expressed at the ballot box, said Foreign Minister Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian. France will continue to support all actors who work for more democracy, lasting peace and economic development without discrimination and for the benefit of all.

Nobel laureate Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, who was detained along with other leaders of her National League for Democracy. (AFP)

Communist China did not criticise an assault on the democracy

UN Secretary General António Guterres condemned Suu Kyi's arrest and that of other civilian leaders. He expressed concern that control of the three branches of government had passed to the military. These developments are a severe blow to the democratic reforms in Myanmar, said his spokesman.

The new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a similar statement. The military must respect the will of the people as it was expressed in the democratic elections. The United States was on the side of the people of Burma - he used Myanmar's old name - with their desires for democracy, freedom, peace and development.

The Japanese government said it is monitoring the situation but has no current plans to fly Japanese nationals out of Myanmar. Hundreds of people gathered in Tokyo to demonstrate against the coup.

Communist China stopped short of criticism of a blatant attack against the democracy.  We have taken note of what has happened in Myanmar and we are in the process of understanding the situation better, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said in Beijing.


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