The Wuhan Virus Epidemic Appears to Subside in Italy


The Wuhan virus epidemic appears to subside in Italy.

BACKGROUND: It has been about a week after Italy introduced strict social-distancing measures.

FACTS: For the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, the number of ill and hospitalised has decreased. The local health authorities, including Lombardi region, reported on Sunday and Monday the lower numbers of infected and hospitalised than in the previous weeks.

7,432 people recovered in Italy after contracting the coronavirus, 408 more than on Sunday informed the Emergency Commissioner Angelo Borrelli.

The total number of infected with Wuhan virus in Italy: 63,927 (including recovered, and deaths).

FACT: "Today I can confirm we observed the downward trend. It is the first day with such positive results. It is not the time to announce the victory. But finally, we see a light at the end of the tunnel"
— Councillor for Welfare of Lombardi Government Mr Giulio Gallera during the press conference.

COMMENTARY: This decrease is not a trend yet. Some specialists predict that the first effects of total shutdown in Italy will be seen around April 4


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