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Xi Cements Fate of Hong Kong as Chinese City


The idea of the Chinese Communist Party to launch the Greater Bay Area's tech hub is its strategy to dismantle pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and integrate it into mainland, suggested speeches at the meeting with CCP leader Xi Jinping in Shenzen on Wednesday, the political commentators stated.


Mr. Xi called for new measures to encourage young people from Hong Kong to move to China, part of measures to integrate the semi-autonomous territory with the mainland following student-led protests last year.

The meeting with Mr. Xi arranged as the Communist Party's gathering began from the singing of the Chinese national anthem, followed by the Communist International song. Top Chinese Communist sat at the long table in front of the red-painted wall with the Communist slogans.

The push is aimed at "deepening integration" between young people in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong province to "increase their sense of belonging to the motherland", Mr. Xi said in a Wednesday, October 14, speech in Shenzhen marking the 40th anniversary of the technology hub becoming a special economic zone.

China should fully utilise the important platform of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau cooperation to attract more young people from Hong Kong and Macau to study, work and live in the mainland, he said.

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Mr. Xi would not be Communist if he had not to mix new technologies with the totalitarian system. He called on Shenzhen, as he stated, to build itself into a pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, set an example for cities of a modern socialist country.

Top Chinese Communist revealed that the Party is not only targeting with its new idea Hong Kong but also Taiwan and overseas Chinese. He stated the Party should convince its compatriots to participate.

"The Shenzen idea mirrors Xi's complexes"

Chinese Communist Party's concept reveals its deep-seating complexes and obsession to win the technological race with the West, namely the United States. Even the name of Mr. Xi's Greater Bay Area is not an original idea but a copy of the San Francisco Bay Area where Silicon Valley is located.

According to Western intelligence experts, Shenzen is a centre for Chinese hostile cyber-operations aimed to steal intellectual property or damage the innovative projects of Western firms. In the recent report on Chinese hacking prepared for the US Congress, the American and European analysts estimate that Beijing stole at a minimum 90 per cent of technology from the West, saving costs and time. Shenzen firms also regularly publish apps on Apple and Google store, which offer free services are gaining access to the deep levels of the hard-drives of the computers and other devices.

The brutal behaviour of Bejing regime state that it portrays as the policy of modern and fast-developing is, in fact, the most extensive global organised crime of Chinese Communist Party which violates every law and spreads hatred toward every Western as the Soviet Union during the Cold War, one of the US Congress top analysts stated in an interview with The Owner asking not to reveal his name.

Business groups have expressed concern about Hong Kong's autonomy from the mainland in the wake of sweeping new national security legislation imposed by Mr Xi in June.

The law, meant to subdue protests that turned violent last year, came as the city looks to revive an economy battered by unrest and the pandemic.


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