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Xi Urges Military Leadership To Prepare Army for Winning Wars


The First Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party noted that new changes are occurring in the country's security environment and called for better strategic planning at the meeting with the top military body in Beijing on Wednesday.  

Mr. Xi Jinping ordered the armed forces to strengthen training under real combat conditions and raise their capability of winning wars in his speech at the behemoth-size Central Military Commission that manages with the Chinese army.

Xi wearing a Mao suit spoke to the top military leaders from behind a conference table in the hall that gathered about 2,000 participants, according to the independent reports. Chinese military heightened security, limiting traffic, nearby the facility where Xi addressed the Chinese military Communist cadre.

He urged the faster establishment of a new-type military training system and building stronger armed forces for the new era, and developing the armed forces into a world-class military.

Xi Jinping emphasised that military planning must be controlled and led
by the Chinese Communist Party.


Beijing regime's top official noted that new changes are taking place in the country's security environment, military combat situation, forms of modern warfare, bringing the military's training into a new stage.

It is the Party's goal, he emphasised.

The Chinese leader reminded the military that they are not an apolitical or independent organisation, but an institution that must be ready to fulfill goals dictated by the top leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

As a Chinese agency reported, Xi stressed a need for strengthening the Party's leadership over military training.

The Chinese military has been preparing and planning
for a future with imperialism, that is, the West

Mr. Xi emphasised, the implementation of the Communist Party, which he defined as thinking on strengthening the military, as well as the military strategy, for the new era.

Chinese Communist leader co-rules that Central Military Commission with two-vice Chairmen Air Force General Xu Qiliang, and General Zhang Youxia, who both were members of the Politburo of Chinese Communist Party. The structure, goals, and even location of certain institutions are kept secret by the Beijing regime. But according to Western sources, the Commission controls the entire Chinese military command and control system and pursues planning for a future war with imperialism, that is, the West.


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