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The armed police injured a peaceful protester at the anti-Putin demonstration in Moscow on Jan 23, 2021. He is looking at the police officer who would arrest him in few seconds. (AFP)



Chinese Firms Involved in Spying on Uyghurs Delisted From Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange has launched a divestiture procedure for the major Communist China's communications companies.


Chinese Oil Firms Next in Line To Be Removed From US Stock Market

At least four Communist China's hybrid petro and gas companies have strong links to China's military.

Communist China's CNOOC Ltd oil platform. (AFP)



Xi Jinping Demands From Doctors and Teachers To Renounce Faith in God, Chinese Pastor Says

The current First Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party is particularly hostile towards Christians.

First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping delivering a 2021 New Year's message. (AFP)



Stanford Scientists Develop a Groundbreaking Biomedical Device
The Muscle Is Best For Optimal Vaccination

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How and why vaccines are conventionally administered in an individual’s upper arm.

A Fight for Trump March. Sydney. January 6, 2020. (Photo: Zhang)